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We are industry and sector agnostic, serving public and private companies, private equity investors, not-for-profit institutions, and governmental entities.

We define success by our ability to generate measurable returns for and build lasting relationships with our clients

After senior management determined that one of their business units was no longer aligned with their core market strategy, they retained LevelX to help them assess their strategic options for exiting the business. Midway through the process, management decided not to divest the business and retained the same LevelX consultant to serve as the interim CFO of the business unit until they hired a full-time finance leader.

Role / Actions

  • Performed financial analysis to identify the highest ROI method of divestiture
  • Served as the financial liaison between client and their investment bankers, providing financial information to market the business and preparing the business for sell-side due diligence
  • Performed cost/benefit analyses to evaluate the impact of centralizing select finance and accounting processes
  • Performed regional cost analyses and shifted workflow from the U.S. and Asia Pacific to the U.K. to drive cost savings
  • Eliminated unnecessary management layers from the business


  • Achieved $300,000 in annual savings (2.5 FTEs) by redistributing work effort
  • Achieved $350,000 in annual savings from removing a layer of management within the organization structure
  • Helped management establish a market value for the business unit through the receipt of valid purchase offers from third parties
$10 billion Multi-national Healthcare Company

Mergers & Acquisitions -- Exit Strategic Planning

Our client experienced a precipitous decline in their business and were burdened by a finance organization designed to support a business four times its present size. Management retained LevelX to right-size their finance organization.

Role / Actions

  • Recommended consolidating two facilities into one and moving all of the Company’s inventory to 3rd-party seller facilities
  • Reviewed and made recommendations to simplify the Company’s accounting workflows and systems
  • Reviewed the Company’s legal structure and recommended consolidating legal entities to simplify accounting and administrative processes


  • Generated a total of $4.7 million in economic value through a series of transformation initiatives
  • Achieved $400,000 in annual savings (2 FTEs and IT maintenance costs) by simplifying accounting processes and converting ERP systems
  • Achieved $100,000 in annual savings in rent, utility, and related costs by consolidating operational facilities
  • Achieved $20,000 annual savings by consolidating legal entities, eliminating redundant or unnecessary bank accounts, and minimizing intercompany funding transactions
Privately-owned Educational Publishing Business

Finance Transformation

Our client endeavored to implement a Continuous Improvement (Lean/Six Sigma) program across their Global Shared Services Enterprise. They retained a global consulting firm to design the program strategy and implementation plan, and they retained LevelX to deploy a Six Sigma Master Black Belt to lead the roll-out of the Continuous Improvement program.

Role / Actions

  • Designed and led Lean/Six Sigma training program for 500+ employees across three domestic locations
  • Trained client employees on Lean/Six Sigma tools and created a standard playbook for 36 Continuous Improvement projects
  • Certified 300 Lean/Six Sigma Yellow Belts across the US


  • Identified over $120,000 in annual cost avoidance opportunities associated with state permitting fees
  • Identified $400,000 in annual human capital (labor hours) savings resulting from financial reporting process efficiencies
$150 billion Global Food Business

Finance Transformation -- Six Sigma

Our client implemented a roll-up within a nationally-branded chain of fitness centers. The client’s growth strategy included the acquisition of existing franchise groups across the US; as well as, the build out of de novo facilities in select geographies. As part of their growth strategy, they sought to create a shared services organization for their back-office functions. The Company’s PE sponsors retained Levelx to deploy an interim CFO to establish their finance and accounting (shared services) operations and position finance to support their growth objectives.

Role / Actions

  • Built, from scratch, the internal finance infrastructure to close the books and report monthly financial results for management and other stakeholders; report debt covenant compliance for their credit facility; and highlight strategic, operational, and financial outcomes for the board of directors
  • Performed the purchase accounting for multiple acquisitions, including the confirmation and valuation of tangibles and intangibles, the recognition of assets and liabilities on the opening balance sheet, and the identification of contingent considerations
  • Worked closely with Corporate Controller to convert accounting records from cash-to-accrual basis (per US GAAP), to restructure chart of accounts, and to perform planning for financial system conversion
  • Played lead finance role in due diligence efforts for three (3) add-on acquisitions which nearly doubled the size of the business
  • Led the finance and accounting integration effort for five (5) acquisitions and helped the sellers of two of the acquired entities complete external audits of their operations as part of their sell-side Quality of Earnings assessments
  • Led selection and full implementation of new financial system, including: requirements definition, system configuration, data transfer and validation, report design, and overall system testing
  • Led all of the accounting workflow underlying the recapitalization of the business
  • Worked with the legacy accounting firm to complete and file the first consolidated stub-period and full year federal income tax return
  • Transitioned all finance leadership responsibilities to new CFO
  • Returned to support the CFO as an interim Controller and transitioned controller roles to full-time Controller, once hired


  • Successfully established the finance infrastructure and provided key finance leadership for the executive leadership team and board of directors in support of 800% growth over a 5-year period
  • Devised a tax strategy that generated nearly $200,000 in annual savings
Private Equity-sponsored rollup in the fitness sector

Interim Financial Management -- CFO and Controller

Our Client, the Corporate Controller, had four Senior Managers as direct reports. One of the Sr. Managers, who managed a team of six, was departing the group to head another department, leaving the Controller with a vacancy. The Controller aspired to seize the opportunity and eliminate the role that the outgoing Sr. Manager left vacant. The client retained Levelx to backfill for the outgoing Sr. Manager and implement LX Unboxed — a methodology for leveraging a temporary assignment to help clients eliminate unnecessary headcount and execute more work with fewer employees.

Role / Actions

  • Performed Sr. Finance Manager duties: performed journal entries and reconciliations, performed corporate-level financial analysis, consolidated financial statements, and prepared quarterly financial reports
  • Streamlined key processes and workflows within the Sr. Manager’s group, including: cash application, A/P accruals, and corporate credit card analyses and various journal entries
  • Transferred lower-value, routine tasks to a Shared Services center
  • Simplified and streamlined external (SEC) reporting workflow


  • Realized over $500,000 in annual savings, including:
  • $260,000 by eliminating the Sr. Manager role
  • $90,000 by transferring Treasury Analyst role to Shared Services
  • $110,000 by eliminating a Sr. Accountant position, redistributed some workflow to Shared Services
  • $60,000 by downgrading a Sr. Accountant role to Staff Accountant
$4 billion Global Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Finance Transformation -- LX Unboxed

Our client, the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors requested an independent review of select processes to ensure existing controls were functioning and effective after implementing a new ERP System. As with any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation, existing processes and controls are modified to incorporate the improved functionality of the new system. Management retained LevelX to perform an internal control review to ensure controls were designed appropriately, were operating effectively, and were sufficiently documented. The scope of the review included the Disbursement, Fixed Asset and Financial Reporting (Accounting, Budgeting and Monthly Close) processes.

Role / Actions

  • Reviewed select accounting process
  • Documented processes and segregation of duties for potential conflicts
  • Tested individual transactions and entire populations to ensure controls were functioning effectively and as expected. Utilized data analytic techniques as appropriate
  • Prepared a memo to the Audit Committee assessing internal control effectiveness for selected processes


  • Performed all activities for which LevelX was responsible on time and within budget
$7.0 billion Globally-recognized Private Foundation

Financial Controls

The newly-minted CFO of a PE-sponsored audio-visual company endeavored to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their reporting function; where their staff spent more time preparing reports than performing analysis to drive strategic decisions.

Role / Actions

  • Performed an assessment on their “current state” financial reporting process
  • Documented the data elements, policies and procedures, controls, and process flows for the entire close-to-report process
  • Partnered with management to inventory all financial reports, eliminate or consolidate low-value reports, and streamline reporting procedures and processes


  • Identified opportunities to eliminate over 50% of the management reports and their related development activities, freeing resources to perform more value-add activities
$600 million PE-backed Audio-Visual Company

Finance Transformation -- Financial Reporting

A global private equity firm, carved a retail technology firm out of a publicly-traded corporation. They retained an interim CFO from an international turnaround and performance improvement firm to “stand-up” the stand-alone finance operations and, later, retained an interim Treasurer from LevelX to establish a Treasury function and take control the flow of cash between the carve-out and it’s former parent.

Role / Actions

  • Designed overall cash management methods and tools to facilitate the tracking and assignability of cash between the carve-out and its former corporate parent
  • Created a monthly reporting package for the private equity sponsor
  • Calculated and reported on all lender covenants, offered the CFO and CEO guidance on covenant compliance requirements and tactics
  • Trained new treasury team on cash flow forecasting, liquidity management, and bank relationship management
  • Designed and implemented a daily cash forecast which served as an essential tool for managing A/R collections and line-of-credit use, and controlling inventory
  • Assisted in the development of a financial forecast process and tools
  • Documented all treasury processes, methods, and tools and transferred this knowledge to the new treasury team


  • Performed all activities for which LevelX was responsible on time and within budget
$500 million Private Equity-backed Retail Technology Firm

Interim Financial Management -- Treasurer

The client endeavored to fill, on an interim basis, an open Financial Planning Manager role their largest business unit (which accounted for over 75% of consolidated corporate revenues). The resource gap was critical, as the client was in the process of splitting into two separate publicly-traded entities and required all available personnel to facilitate the transition. The client retained LevelX to fill the resource gap on an interim basis.

Role / Actions

  • Established direction for financial plans, operational budgets, headcount and capital plans for the division headquarters of the newly formed company.
  • Supported the division senior finance management and lead the consolidation, preparation and presentation of the headquarters executive review packages.
  • Provided guidance and direction on executing financial deliverables to FP&A groups within the divisions and across business operations and corporate FP&A.
  • Provided financial support and analysis for the day-to-day operations; monthly-, quarterly-, and year-end close
  • Fulfilled year-end Corporate and external auditor requirements and perform related ad-hoc analyses.
  • Provided accounting support (journal entries, account reconciliations, planning cycles) and related analysis for monthly-, quarterly- and year-end close, year-end Corporate and external auditor requirements.


  • Performed all responsible tasks and executed all financial reporting deliverables on time
  • Completed all planning cycle deliverables
  • Delivered a complete set of financials (Balance sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement) and organizational structure design for the newly formed company
  • All client deliverables met or exceeded the client’s expectations. As a result, the client retained the same LevelX consultant for a separate scope of work on a future occasion
$39 billion pharmaceutical company

Interim Financial Management -- FP&A Director

Our client endeavored to fill, on an interim basis, an open Sox / Accounting Director role to support their International Sox and Accounting department. The resource gap was critical, as the client had corporate deadlines and monthly close schedule. The client retained LevelX to fill the resource gap on an interim basis.

Role / Actions

  • Documented financial reporting process flows and identified improvement opportunities to streamline the monthly close
  • Managed and reviewed Sox testing for their International affiliates (over 100 affiliates in 20 different countries)
  • Organized and streamlined the Sox testing process for both Internal control group and international affiliates
  • Assisted accounting with monthly close
  • Completed quarterly and annual government surveys


  • Performed all activities for which LevelX was responsible on time and within budget
$39 billion pharmaceutical company

Interim Financial Management -- Financial Controls Director

Our client was engaged in an acquisition that consumed many of their core team resources. They sought to back-fill a key finance manager position to assist in the annual budgeting and planning process as well as perform ad hoc strategic analyses. The client retained Levelx to back fill the position until a suitable permanent placement could be found.

Role / Actions

  • Coordinated with planning team to streamline the planning document submission and consolidation process
  • Developed training curriculum to improve non-finance budget submitters’ understanding of the planning process, their role in it, and how planning fits the achievement of the objectives of the organization
  • Developed methodology to analyze program costs along client’s strategic threads in order to discover potential cost-synergy opportunities


  • Provided optimized planning templates and consolidation processes
  • Developed and lead BAF training with emphasis on using the budgeting process as part of a portfolio management tool to ensure stakeholders achieve their objectives
  • Produced program priority list for potential cost overlaps between divisions within specific strategic threads
Large US Healthcare Insurance Association

Interim Financial Management -- Interim Finance Manager

Our client, the CFO of a business in entering a confidential sales cycle, retained LevelX to deploy a consultant to help him navigate the sell-side work effort, while maintaining confidentiality of the process among the company’s staff.

Role / Actions

  • Served as liaison between the finance team and their Investment Banker, Quality of Earning firm, Attorneys, and other external advisors
  • Managed due diligence-related and other transaction-related meetings
  • Compiled requested financial data
  • Answered buyer(s) due diligence questions
  • Prepared analyses to assist with company's valuation


  • Identified EBITDA addbacks (not previously identified by the company's other advisors) enhancing the company's enterprise value by $120,000.
  • Advised management on facets of the Company’s sell-side presentation materials and responses to buyers questions; accelerated the transaction by approximately one month and saved approx. $50,000 inn consulting fees
$500 million Private-Equity backed Diversified Water Products, Technologies and Services Company

Mergers & Acquisitions -- Sell-side Due Diligence

The ownership team sought to acquire an competitor in an adjacent market which would more than double their business. The management team lacked buy-side experience and unbeknownst to them, the sell side management team had no formal financial records, making traditional due diligence virtually impossible. Management retained LevelX to deploy a consultant with significant buy-side management experience to help them secure financing for the transaction and to provide deal-related support.

Role / Actions

  • Prepared lender pitch book to secure funding for the transaction
  • Fulfilled lender data requests
  • Prepared financial analyses to assist with business valuation


  • Performed all activities for which LevelX was responsible on time and within budget
$300 million Commercial Claims Adjuster

Mergers & Acquisitions -- Buy-side Due Diligence

Our client, the business owner, endeavored to sell their business but lacked sophisticated financial records and had no one on staff with sell-side M&A transaction experience. They retained Level X to provide finance leadership through the transaction.

Role / Actions

  • Prepared accrual-basis financial statements
  • Prepared a Pitchbook to provide to parties-in-interest (buyers)


  • Identified $20,000 of additional EBITDA Addbacks (approx. $160,000 in enterprise value at the, then, multiples) not previously uncovered by the company's investment banker .
  • Modified the company's revenue recognition methods in such a way as to increase EBITDA by $100,000, thereby adding $800,000 to the valuation.
$200 million Privately held Power Systems Engineering Company

Mergers & Acquisitions -- Sell-side Due Diligence


We define success by our ability to generate measurable returns for and build lasting relationships with our clients.

I was hired as CFO amidst a substantial, multi-year finance transformation effort, and urgently needed additional help with multiple complex accounting issues and SEC reporting matters. LevelX came through quickly with an outstanding resource to cover all our needs. We could not have made it through that challenging situation without the assistance of LevelX.

Jonathan Charak

Former CFO, Liberated Syndications

We’ve hired consultants from LevelX many times, often at critical inflection points in a deal’s lifecycle. Projects have ranged from standing up the finance function right after closing an acquisition, to ERP implementation, to critical M&A support. In all these circumstances, LevelX consultants have always delivered! This ability to access value-added, top talent, on-demand via LevelX has contributed to our Company’s and our portfolio’s success at mission-critical moments. The economic value of the consultants far outweighs the fees we paid. We could not be happier with our relationship with LevelX.

Omar Simmons

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Exaltare Capital Partners

We sourced a LevelX consultant to assist our Finance organization with a critical data-intensive and time-sensitive project. The consultant’s work product was excellent and invaluable in reducing costs over 5 times the fees.

Pinky Raina

Former CFO, US Soccer Federation

LevelX provided us with a number of great candidates for our interim CFO search on a very tight schedule when we were faced with an unexpected departure. Mark and his team responded with an incredible sense of urgency and was able to deploy a top-tier individual with us quickly, in the middle of busy season. We could not be happier with our relationship with LevelX and have recommended them to our partners and colleagues on several occasions.

Michael Boudart

President, Lindemann Chimney Co

From project intake through execution, LevelX provides the strategic partnership and thought leadership to consistently deliver outstanding solutions tailored to our needs.

Finance Sr. Director

Ferrara Candy Company

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