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The largest health insurance company in the US


Client endeavored to execute a small acquisition and retained Levelx to assist with the merger.  Shortly after the project commenced, the client redirected an internal resource to the target which left an open position in their already lean finance organization.  Levelx assisted with various aspects of the deal and execute key FP&A activities.

Levelx Actions
  • Developed methodology to analyze program costs along the client’s strategic threads in order to discover potential merger synergies
  • Coordinated with planning team to streamline the planning document submission and consolidation process
  • Developed curriculum and led training to improve non-finance budget submitters’ understanding of the planning process, their role in it, and how planning fits the achievement of the objectives of the organization
  • Developed and led business-unit training with emphasis on using the budgeting process as part of a portfolio management tool to ensure stakeholder’s achieve their objectives
  • Optimized planning templates and plan consolidation processes
  • Standardized budget submission requests across the client planning programs
  • Completed integration of key in-scope functions
  • Client achieve significant merger synergies