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Private Equity-backed retail technology firm carved-out of large publicly-traded corporation


The client CFO retained an interim Treasurer from Levelto quickly establish a treasury function and control the flow of cash between the carve-out and it’s former parent.

Levelx Actions
  • Designed overall cash management methods and tools to facilitate the tracking and assignability of cash between the carve-out and its former corporate parent
  • Created a monthly reporting package for the private equity sponsor
  • Calculated and reported on all lender covenants, offered the CFO and CEO guidance on covenant compliance requirements and tactics
  • Trained new treasury team on cash flow forecasting, liquidity management, and bank relationship management
  • Designed and implemented a daily cash forecast which served as an essential tool for managing A/R collections and line-of-credit use, and controlling inventory
  • Assisted in the development of a financial forecast process and tools
  • Assisted in design of treasury function (org chart) and evaluation/selection of treasury team members
  • Documented all treasury processes, methods, and tools and transferred this knowledge to the new treasury team