the modern millionaires review

$600 million Private Equity-sponsored audio-visual company


Newly minted CFO endeavored to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their reporting function; where their staff spent more time preparing reports than performing analysis to drive strategic decisions.  Retained Levelx consultant to eliminate waste and low value work and improve effectiveness of the group.

  • Performed an assessment on their “current state” financial reporting process
  • Documented the data elements, policies and procedures, controls, and process flows for the entire close-to-report process
  • Partnered with management to inventory all financial reports, eliminate or consolidate low-value reports, and streamline reporting procedures and processes
  • Documented and presented a list of financial reporting overlaps, gaps and potential process improvements
  • Identified body of improvement opportunities to eliminate over 50% of the management reports and related work flow, freeing resources to perform higher value work
  • Performed entire scope of work for which LevelX was responsible on time and under budget